HS3Touch Designer

Our HS3Touch mobile app can be fully customized with HS3Touch Designer. Use it to modify our standard mobile app “project” or build your own from scratch. With HS3Touch Designer, you’re in total control! Use your favorite image editor (Photoshop, MS Paint, GIMP, etc) to create your own backgrounds, buttons and graphics and then add those to HSTouch Designer. Finished projects may be easily deployed to connected smart phones, tablets and touchscreens in seconds.

User Project Examples
These screen shots are just a small sample of actual HS3Touch projects. For questions about any of these project, please visit this long-running thread on our message board: Screens Created with HS3Touch

HS3Touch Designer Software
HSTouch Designer allows users and installers to FULLY customize their home automation control screens (“projects”). Use your own backgrounds, buttons and graphics and create the projects you want then deploy them to your smart phones, tablets and tabletop touchscreens.
  • Works with Free HS3Touch Android, Apple, Linux and Windows Apps
  • Drag / Drop design area
  • Easy to use alignment and spacing tools
  • Supports alpha blending image transparency
  • Projects may be deployed locally on home network or remotely via the internet
  • Android projects may be set to auto-scale
  • Compatible with mixed media including jpg, png, images and wav, mp3 audio
  • Supports RSS data feeds for weather, news, sports and other information
  • FREE with any HS3PRO system, including HomeTroller-SEL PRO & S6 PRO

HS3Touch Designer & Clients

HSTouch Designer – $199.95 FREE with any HS3PRO system!