A2Z-Link ASCII / JSON to Z-Wave Bridge

A2Z-Link ASCII / JSON to Z-Wave Bridge

IMPORTANT: HomeSeer A2Z-Link has been discontinued and replaced with HomeTroller Zee S2 (at the same price). All features and functions are the same.

Protocol Overview

HomeSeer’s ASCII (or JSON) to Z-Wave protocol has been designed to provide Z-Wave product support for systems that are not Z-Wave compatible. The protocol accepts simple ASCII or JSON commands and converts those to Z-Wave broadcasts. This functionality can be leveraged with HomeTroller Zee S2 or with any other HomeSeer HS3 or HS3PRO system.


Z-Wave Network Management

A2Z-Link is a Z-Wave Plus certified primary controller that includes complete web-based Z-Wave network management. A companion mobile app (Z-Tool+) simplifies the process of adding and deleting Z-Wave products (“nodes”) to and from the network. Once added, nodes may be checked for connectivity and they may be optimized with a network rediscovery command for optimal Z-Wave performance. 

Easy Network Setup

  1. Connect HomeTroller Zee S2 to the local network router and power the unit on. The boot process will take approximately 45 seconds
  2. Launch Z-Tool+ on your mobile device (connected to local WiFi). When Z-Tool+ connects to the HomeTroller, the “Add Device” button will turn green.
  3. Tap the “Add Device” button and then press the Z-Wave button on the device you wish to include (“pair”). The inclusion process time will vary, depending on the device you wish to add. Simple devices will pair quickly. Secure or complicated devices, such as door locks, thermostats and multi-sensors, will take longer.
  4. Once the device is paired, you’ll have the opportunity to name it and and assign it to a location.