Our Smart Home Controller Family

HomeSeer offers a home controller for every need and budget. All systems include our award winning HS3 home automation system software and work with our free H3STouch mobile app and free MyHS remote access service for control from anywhere with no monthly fees! In addition, HomeTrollers are not merely ‘smart home hubs’ or ‘gateways’. Instead, they are powerful smart home controllers that offer the highest level of fast, locally-processed automation, coupled with support for cutting-edge cloud-managed services such as those offered by IFTTTAmazon (Alexa) and Google Home.

For Every Need & Budget

HomeTroller Zee S2

HomeTroller Zee S2 Home Controller

Our smallest and most affordable smart home controller is light years ahead of any typical “smart hub” on the market! 

Perfect for… systems that require no more than 5 different smart home technologies.



HomeTroller-SEL Home Controller

Our most economical full-featured smart home controller supports all Linux-compatible HomeSeer software plug-ins.

Perfect for… systems that require more than 5 different smart home technologies.


HomeTroller S6 PRO

HomeTroller S6 Home Controller

HomeTroller S6 PRO is the fastest, most feature rich home controller we’ve ever made. If you’re looking for the best, look no further!

Perfect for… homeowners who demand the very best controller available.


Home Controller Reviews

“Love it! Have been running HS2 on a dedicated, regular, computer for several years. The Home Troller S6 Pro controller is very compact, extremely well designed and incredibly stable. It is designed and dedicated to HS3. Delighted with the unit and the HS3 software.
Robert H (US)

“Sweet little controller Using it now for existing X10 items, but will be upgrading to UPB soon. So far I’m coming up the learning curve and the controller and software seem to be pretty flexible and easy enough to setup… and I’m no programmer by any stretch of the imagination.
Robert L (US)

“Very Pleased with my SEL 
I moved from a Vera system to HomeSeer. HomeSeer has so many features, all easy to use. I needed help from support for 2 issues, both were answered quickly…

Christopher L (US)

“My Second Zee S2 I am so impressed with the first one that I bought, I purchased another for a different building. Setup was easy and controlling devices is very intuitive… Compared to what I have read about SmartThings, Wink, etc. I feel that I made the right decision.
Thomas C (US)

Why Choose HomeSeer?

HS3 is the culmination of nearly 20 years of research and development. Our software is simply the most flexible home automation program ever devised. In a nutshell, if you can’t do it with HS3, it probably can’t be done at all! Check out these important features:

Reliable & Fast Locally Processed Automation
HS3 processes all your automation locally, ensuring the highest level of reliability and performance. You won’t experience the “delays” that are common with typical cloud-managed ‘smart hubs’ and ‘gateways’.

Safe & Secure
HS3 stores all your sensitive information on your PC at home, never in the cloud. This helps to prevent hackers and prying eyes from seeing your personal data and custom home automation schedules.

Our MyHS web service simplifies the process of controlling your home remotely but is not required to automate your home. Your HomeTroller will continue to control your home 24/7, even when the internet is down or there’s a web service outage.

Works with (Nearly) Everything
HomeTrollers are designed to work with thousands of products from hundreds of manufactures using most popular home automation technologies. With HomeSeer, your imagination is your only limitation!

Leverage The Cloud
Leverage the latest technology with your HomeSeer-powered home! Use voice assistants from Amazon and Google and create IFTTT ‘applets’ that integrate with more than 300 web products, apps and services from around the world!

With HomeSeer, your smart home investment is secure. Because our systems are locally managed and not dependent on a company-managed web platform, you can rest easy about the future!

Smart Home Apps

HomeTrollers are designed to be programmed with any computer running Chrome, Safari or Firefox. We also provide two mobile apps (HomeSeer Mobile & HS3Touch Client) for system access and control. A third mobile app (Z-Tool+) simplifies Z-Wave smart device setup.

For Custom Integrators

HS3Touch Client App

Our Standard App

HomeSeer Mobile

Easy Z-Wave Network Setup