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Performance - Reliability - Compatibility

Our smart home hub are locally managed so your events, scenes & automations will always run, even when your internet goes down. 
You’ll also enjoy full integration with smart speakers & hundreds of other smart home products available around the world!

Our Family of Smart Home Hubs

HomeTroller Zee S2 Home Controller

HomeTroller Zee S2

On a tight budget? This hub might be just be ticket for you. Zee S2 includes a Raspberry Pi computer, has built-in Z-Wave Plus radio and it  supports a wide range of plugins for use with most popular smart home products.

HomeTroller S6 PRO Smart Home Hub

HomeTroller S6 PRO

Want the best? This may well be the fastest, most powerful smart home hub ever built. S6 PRO features a dual core Intel processor, loads of memory & our HS3PRO smart home software running under Windows 10.

HomeTroller-SEL Home Controller

HomeTroller SEL

Want the best value? HomeTroller SEL includes performance & features that rival our S6 PRO but at a significantly lower cost. It’s this balance of power and economy which makes it our best value smart home hub.

Why Choose HomeSeer?

Reliable & Fast

Automations are processed locally for the highest level of performance with no delays.

Safe & Secure

All your information is stored on your system at home, not in the cloud.


Automations continue to fire even if your Internet connection goes down.


HomeSeer works with thousands of popular products from hundreds of companies.

Voice & More

HomeSeer is compatible with Amazon & Google smart speakers & with IFTTT.

Future Proof

Our systems don’t rely on a cloud service. Your smart home investment is secure.

See What Others Are Saying

Robert H

5 Star Rating

“Love it! Have been running HS2 on a dedicated, regular, computer for several years. The Home Troller S6 Pro controller is very compact, extremely well designed and incredibly stable. It is designed and dedicated to HS3. Delighted with the unit and the HS3 software.

Robert L

5 Star Rating

“Sweet little controller Using it now for existing X10 items, but will be upgrading to UPB soon. So far I’m coming up the learning curve and the controller and software seem to be pretty flexible and easy enough to setup… and I’m no programmer by any stretch of the imagination.

Christopher L

5 Star Rating

“Very Pleased with my SEL! 
I moved from a Vera system to HomeSeer. HomeSeer has so many features, all easy to use. I needed help from support for 2 issues, both were answered quickly…

Thomas C

5 Star Rating

“My Second Zee S2 I am so impressed with the first one that I bought, I purchased another for a different building. Setup was easy and controlling devices is very intuitive… Compared to what I have read about SmartThings, Wink, etc. I feel that I made the right decision.

Smart Home Apps

HomeTrollers are designed to be programmed with any computer running Chrome, Safari or Firefox. We also provide two mobile apps (HomeSeer Mobile & HS3Touch Client) for system access and control. A third mobile app (Z-Tool+) simplifies Z-Wave smart device setup.

HSTouch Designer

HSTouch Mobile App
For Custom Integrators

HomeSeer Mobile

HomeSeer Mobile App
Our Standard App

Z-Tool+ Setup App

Z-Tool+ Z-Wave Network Management Software
Z-Wave Network Tool

Compare HomeTroller Smart Hubs

In a nutshell, here are the important differences:

  • Zee S2 & S2 Lite hubs includes HS3-Pi3 software, which will support up to 5 plugins running at once.
  • SEL & S6 PRO hubs run HS3 & HS3PRO software, which will support unlimited plugins. The PRO edition hubs are bundled with HS3Touch Designer, Z-Flash, Z-Seer+ & DSC plugin add-ons.
HomeSeer Smart Hub Comparison
Control Software
Operating system
Win 10
Available Drivers (Plug-ins)
* All systems purchased after October 1, 2019 include a free upgrade to HS4-Pi, HS4 or HS4PRO
Included Plug-ins
Zigbee (Light Link)
Global Cache
Free Plugins
Add-on Apps
HS3Touch Designer*
Z-Flash Firmware Updater*
Z-Seer+ Z-Wave Diagnostics*
DSC Plugin
*Application requires separate Windows PC
Additional New Plugins with HS4 Upgrade
Available Soon!
Harmony Hub
Zigbee (Native)
Compatible Cloud Services
Amazon Alexa (Echo/Dot)
Google Assistant (Home)
Processor (CPU)
900 MHz ARM
1.2 GHz ARM
2-core Celeron (22nm)
2-core Celeron (14 nm)
PassMark Benchmark
1 GB
2 GB
4 GB
4 GB
Primary storage
16 GB
32 GB
120 GB
Power compatibility
120-240 VAC | 50/60 Hz
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