HS3Touch Client App

PLEASE READ: This app is designed to run custom smart home projects created with HS3Touch Designer. If you do not have HS3Touch Designer, please use our HomeSeer Mobile app for the best mobile experience. 

Fully Customizable

HSTouch Smart Home Controller App

HS3Touch Designer includes a collection of ‘starter’ projects like the one show above. Use them as templates or build your own custom projects from the ground up. Work with the included library of elements or create your own buttons, backgrounds, sliders and graphics. With HS3Touch, you’re in complete command of your smart home portal!


Explore HS3Touch Designer

HSTouch Designer Software

Design Your Own Screens!
HS3Touch Designer allows users and installers to FULLY customize their HS3Touch projects and “deploy” them to the mobile device(s) of their choice. HS3Touch Designer runs on a Windows PC but can create projects for the following platforms:

  • Apple IOS
  • Android
  • Amazon Fire Tablets
  • Linux
  • Windows

HS3Touch Designer includes these great features:

  • Works with Free HS3Touch Android, Apple, Amazon, Linux and Windows Apps
  • Drag / Drop design area
  • Easy to use alignment and spacing tools
  • Supports alpha blending image transparency
  • Projects may be deployed locally on home network or remotely via the internet
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