Upgrade to HomeSeer!

Your IRIS hub has been permanently shut down!

Why not replace it with something that CAN’T BE SHUT DOWN?

HomeSeer systems are locally managed and don’t depend on a cloud service to work. Our world class hubs are the most powerful and flexible on the market today. Upgrade to a HomeSeer system now!

The Big Benefits

Locally Managed

HomeSeer hubs operate entirely within your home. Your personal data stays private and your automations are fast & reliable.

Well Connected

HomeSeer hubs work with the widest range of products and technologies from leading smart home companies.

Future Proof

HomeSeer hubs are NOT dependent on any cloud service to work. Your hub will operate independently for years to come.


Looking for help and advice from other users? Our message board is one of the most active in all of home automation!

Upgrade To HomeSeer

HomeTroller Zee S2 Home Controller

Zee S2

Light years ahead of your IRIS hub!

HomeTroller-SEL Home Controller


Step WAY UP to our most popular hub!

HS3 Smart Home Software


Build your own hub!

Need Help?

Looking for a bit of advice and help? Just give us a call (603-471-2816) or drop us a note (sales@homeseer.com) and we’ll work with you to transition to HomeSeer. Our reps are experts in smart home set up and 

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