📣 Integration Changes Coming

What's Up?

On April 1st, we'll be implementing changes to our Amazon Smart Home Skill and our Google Home integration with the goal of simplifying device discovery for new HomeSeer systems. If you have an existing system, please review the information below and adjust your device and feature settings to align with these changes.

What Changed?

In a nutshell: HS4 users can now enable voice control for either devices or features. If your smart products are simple, enabling only their devices will be the simplest and easiest method to use.

However, if your smart products are more complicated (like smart plug strips, multi-relays or dual lamp modules), you'll need to enable features instead.

Not sure which method to choose? Check out the Alexa Smart Home Skill Setup or Google Home Setup guides for more information.

Am I Affected?

If you've enabled voice control only for features in your current system, these changes should not affect you.

However, if you've enabled voice control for both root devices and features, your list of discovered devices may change after April 1st.

Please review the Setup Instructions linked below and, if necessary, adjust your device settings to ensure your devices and features continue to be properly discovered.

Alexa Smart Home Skill

Alexa Smart Home Skill Setup

Google Home

Google Home Setup