Web Server Startup Problems

HomeSeer software is a web application that uses a web browser for its user interface. If the web interface won’t load, it’s usually due to Windows security settings or to a conflict with another web application already on your PC. Please reinstall the software and try the options below to get your HomeSeer software up and running:

Option 1: Change HomeSeer "Port" Setting

The default setting is 80. However, if that setting is already being used by another program on your PC, it will prevent the HomeSeer web server from starting. 

  1. Navigate to “Program Files\HomeSeer [software]\Config\settings.ini
  2. Open the settings.ini file in Notepad and locate gWebSvrPort=80. Change that to gWebSvrPort=81 (or any other number that’s not already being used) and save your changes.
  3. Restart HomeSeer. If that doesn’t work, go to the next option

Option 2: Configure or Disable Your Windows Firewall

By default, the Windows Firewall is turned on when you install Windows. This firewall can prevent the HomeSeer web server from running. However, all modern routers have “network address translation” built in and already provide a very secure firewall. Most users generally don’t need both. Consider disabling the Windows Firewall or, alternately, ensure that HomeSeer is added to the list of allowable programs. Restart HomeSeer. If that doesn’t work, check the other possibilities below.

Other Possible Causes

If you try the options above but still can’t get the web interface to load, there are a few other possibilities. 

  • Think back to when you first ran HomeSeer. Did you get any warnings or messages like “Do you want to allow this…?”. If you clicked “No”, that would have prevented the HomeSeer web server from running. This type of message can be generated by 3rd party security programs (MacAfee, Symantec, etc). If you have any of these installed, adjust the settings to allow access by HomeSeer (using the port number above).
  • Did you get any errors when installing HomeSeer? If so, re-run the installer file by right-clicking on it and choosing “Run as Administrator” (Vista, Windows 7) from the pop-up menu. 
  • Restart HomeSeer, If that doesn’t work, contact us directly. We’ll troubleshoot the problem with you directly to get you up and running! 

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