HomeSeer Zigbee Integration

HomeSeer supports on-off-dim control of Zigbee LightLink bulbs through the use of the Osram/Sylvania Lightify Gateway and cloud service. When configured, HomeSeer will be able to control LightLink bulbs directly or via automated events. 


Step #1 | Gateway & Zigbee Network Setup
Download the Osram Lightify mobile app from Apple or Android app store, create your Lightify account and step through the wizard to connect the gateway to your home’s WiFi network. Then, use the gateway to establish your network of Zigbee LightLink bulbs. Use the app’s controls to ensure proper operation of the bulbs. See Notes at bottom of page for Android setup issues.

Step #2 | HomeSeer Plug-in Setup
Locate the HSZigbee plug-in and install it onto your HomeSeer system (video instructions). Enter the gateway’s serial number (up to the “-“) along with your Lightify account email address and password. Click the “Test Cloud Connection” to ensure successful communication. Then click “Create HomeSeer Devices”. Your LightLink bulb devices will now appear on the HS3 device management page and should be controllable by HomeSeer!


  • Unlike most other HomeSeer plug-ins, this integration relies on a 3rd party web service. As such, you must have a continuous Internet connection for reliable operation.
  • On-off-dim and RGB color changes are supported.
  • Android Users: The Lightify Android app can be difficult to set up. When creating your Lightify account, you may get a “User Account Registration Failed” message. This appears to be a bug. If this happens, check your email to see if you received an activation code. If you did, use the Android ‘back’ button to return to the main screen and click the “I already have an account” link, then enter your activation code.  Also, the WiFi network list sometimes does not display or may take a considerable amount of time to display. Again, this appears to be a bug with the Lightify Android app.

    These issues do not appear to affect the Lightify IOS (Apple) app.

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