Smart Home Is Our Passion!

Welcome to HomeSeer! For more than 20 years, we’ve been a leading provider of smart home products. Our commitment to new & emerging technologies, our support for the world’s most popular products and our focus on value make HomeSeer the right choice for any home automation need!

What Can You Automate?

HS-WD200+ Z-Wave Wall Dimmer


Your lights come on when you want them to, for safety, security & convenience.

  • Automatically turn on lights when it gets dark
  • Automatically turn on lights when motion is sensed
  • Automatically turn off lights when motion is not sensed
  • Automatically turn on lights when it’s sunset
  • Remotely turn on your lights with your phone, touchscreen or smart speaker


Get a handle on your heating & cooling costs without breaking a sweat.

  • Automatically turn on heating or cooling on a schedule
  • Automatically control heating or cooling when the house is occupied or unoccupied
  • Automatically turn off the HVAC system when smoke or carbon monoxide are detected
  • Remotely control your thermostat with your phone, touchscreen or smart speaker


Sensors keep watch over your home and trigger automations and alerts.

  • Use a light sensor to control indoor lighting
  • Use a motion sensor to turn on lights when a room is occupied
  • Use a door sensor to detect and intruder or to know when your kids are home from school
  • Use a water sensor to shut a water valve if a leak is detected
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