Automation That's Fast, Reliable, Secure, Private & Affordable!

Smart Home Systems That Make Sense

Our smart home systems are locally managed so your events, scenes & automations will always run, even when your internet goes down. 
You’ll also enjoy full integration with smart speakers & hundreds of other smart home products available around the world!

Smarten Up Your Home


Your lights come on when you want them to, for safety, security & convenience.

Garage Doors

Ever forget to close your garage doors? Those days are over.


Get a handle on your heating & cooling costs without breaking a sweat.

Door Locks

Keep tabs on the kids or let the contractor in when you’re not home.

Water Valves

Is the hot water heater leaking? Our smart valves come to the rescue.


Keep an eye on your property, your family, your life with our security cameras.

Why Choose HomeSeer?

Reliable & Fast

Automations are processed locally for the highest level of performance with no delays.

Safe & Secure

All your information is stored on your system at home, not in the cloud.


Automations continue to fire even if your Internet connection goes down.


HomeSeer works with thousands of popular products from hundreds of companies.

Voice & More

HomeSeer is compatible with Amazon & Google smart speakers & with IFTTT.

Future Proof

Our systems don’t rely on a cloud service. Your smart home investment is secure.

Easy Setup

1. Install

Connect your HomeSeer hub to your router and power it on.

2. Add Devices

Install your smart devices and pair them to your HomeSeer hub.

3. Automate

Create your automations using our easy to learn ‘events’ editor.

4. Connect

Control and monitor your system remotely with MyHS.

See What Others Are Saying

Clint B.

5 Star Rating

HomeSeer is a more powerful device than I actually may need for a simple home security system but it is nice to have flexibility in creating our own system. Otherwise, great system at a very reasonable cost!!

Steve H.

5 Star Rating

I bought the Zee S2 for my dad, who wanted to be able to do all the voice stuff he’s seen with his Alexa… Setup was easy – plug it in to power and Ethernet! I can access it remotely to help him out if he needs it.

William Graham

5 Star Rating

I was using SmartThings and wanted a system that wasn’t so dependent on an internet connection. I have over 100 devices and over 400 events on my Zee S2 and can’t believe how fast and reliable it is.

Mike Dina

5 Star Rating

I am really impressed with this unit and am now looking into the HS light switches. The Alexa integration is also awesome. I may never outgrow this unit as I intent to use Z-Wave for all future automation.

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