A Premium Smart Home Platform that's Powerful and Easy to Use

Why HomeSeer?

Our locally managed smart home systems are powerful, easy to use, locally managed, private, budget friendly and easy to maintain!


Connect to thousands of popular smart home products from around the world.

Easy to Use

Create powerful, flexible automations with NO scripting or coding.

Locally Managed

Your automations run faster and more reliably with no cloud needed.

Smart Speakers

Subscribe to MyHs Plus for integration with Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT.


Your schedules, devices, automations stay at home on your hub.

Personal Support

Community help available 24/7 + Free email and phone support.

Start with a Hub

Our HomeTroller hubs connect your home with popular smart devices and never rely on the Internet to work!

Or Build a Hub

Rather do it yourself? With HS4 software, you can build the hub of your dreams limited only by your imagination and budget.

Sprinkle In Sensors

Keep track of your home and launch automations with HomeSeer security and environmental sensors.

Add Smart Lighting

HomeSeer smart switches are feature rich, ultra-reliable and they may be easily installed into old and new homes.

Connect To Everything Else

Our systems work with the most popular smart home products & services in the world

Smart Speakers
Ecobee Thermostat
Smart Bulbs
Garage Doors
Smart Locks

Putting It All Together

Installation and setup is easy as 1-2-3-4!


1. Install

Connect HomeSeer hub to your router and power it on.


2. Add Devices

Install smart devices and pair them to your HomeSeer hub.


3. Automate

Create automations using our easy to learn ‘events’ editor.

4. Connect

Control and monitor your system remotely with MyHS.

What Our Customers Are Saying

For 20+ years, smart home has been our passion! This is what we love doing and we’re committed to your success.

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HomeSeer makes the most awesome products. I've been using their products for 5 years and nothing comes close to the functionality engineered within. I came here after Jon provided awesome customer support. Thanks team HomeSeer!
Kevin Bailey
Kevin Bailey
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I've been using their home automation software for a few years now and I cannot fault it. It offers the perfect balance of ease of use coupled with massive flexibility that is only limited by your creativity. Regular updates keep it up-to-date with new and ever changing technologies and the online community serves as a vast resource of knowledge. It performs well, its stable and its a breeze to use.
Scott Braam
Scott Braam
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I have been running HomeSeer for almost 10 years. It is rock solid, always fast, and with a great support community. I decided to try Home Assistant and OpenHab recently and all I can say is, I made the right choice with HomeSeer!!!
James Foster
James Foster
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I came to HomeSeer from Vera about a year and a half ago. I couldn't be more happy. It is a bit more cash than a Vera but dam it works without weekly fixing like was doing with my Vera. The only time ive been on the HS3 in the last year is to add a device or create an event. I have not had any issues at all. I have about 35 devices and 8 plugins in my setup.Trust me you will be happy with HomeSeer.
Tim Brien
Tim Brien
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HomeSeer provides a platform for a user to build and develop a comprehensive home control system. This can be from basic functions to the very complex automation scenario, that are fully integrated and scalable to meet any need. The support and customer service has been excellent and a number of the employees frequent their user forum on a very regular basis so they are only a few key stroke away...
Randy Prade
Randy Prade
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HomeSeer offers one of the most complete and comprehensive home control software products available. From basic control to the most complex automation, it handles it all. Their hardware offerings are among the most innovative and competitively priced. Their customer service has been excellent and they host an active community where user to user interaction brings prompt responses and solutions to any automation goal, no matter how simple or complex.
Harry Smith
Harry Smith
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I've been a HomeSeer customer for well into 6+ years now and my experience has been excellent. If I've ever had any issues, I can almost instantly find the answer in their online forum, or by getting in touch with their support team. I have many integrated home automations including hall lights, outlets, water sensors, irrigation, holiday lights, motion lights, garage door openers, washing machine...

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