HomeSeer Z-Wave Lighting Products

HomeSeer Z-Wave smart switches are the most advanced designs available today! All products feature the latest Z-Wave Plus technology for greater range, improved bandwidth, network wide inclusion and network self-healing features. In addition, our switches provide instant status feedback* with controlled manually and they may be used to launch HomeSeer events with multi-tap operations. 

Wall Switches with RGB LEDs

Our new smart home wall switches have RGB LEDs that are designed to glow or blink different colors based on homeowner preference or when things happen in the home (or both).

HS-WX300 Wall Dimmer & Switch

HS-SP100 WiFi Smart Plug


Craig Belcher

5 Star Rating

Homeseer did their homework and listened to their customers on this huge revision update. The 200+’s are far better at dimming, provide 10 scene controls, 1-5 taps up and another 5 tapping down. And then we have the ability to show the status of nearly anything.

Jason Raffaele

5 Star Rating

Individually programmable LEDs added a high level of information / notification when installed near my main entry/exit door. System integration was easy. Many options for scene/trigger makes the switch VERY powerful.


5 Star Rating

If there was one thing about the HS-WD100+ model that wasn’t perfect, it would be that the LED color didn’t match the GE/Jasco switches I had next to it. I love that I can change the default color of the HS-WD200+ to the same blue as the switches installed next to it.

Troy Lynch

5 Star Rating

These switches are brilliant! The ability to set the individual colors status lights from events makes these lights the best! The multiple taping scene control puts it ahead of all others by its self alone. Best purchase in my home automation implementation.

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