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Do not download if you own a HomeTroller smart home hub. Your software is already on your hub.

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Firmware Downloads

The firmware here is encrypted and must be installed using HomeSeer HS3 or HS4 software or with HomeSeer Z-Flash software.

  • R2 (800 Series) 2023 Version
    v2.20: [ download ]
    • Upgrade Z-Wave SDK library from v7.18.1 to v7.18.8
    • Fixes bug that affects communication to the switch
  • R1 (700 Series) Version
    v1.13: [ download ]
    • New Smart Bulb Feature
    • New Default Dim Level Feature
    • New Toggle Feature
    • New LED Brightness Adjustment Feature
  • v2.8: [ download ]

    ZWave Library 6.81.00 – ONLY FOR UNITS WITH SCREW TAB!

  • v2.2: Certification fixes

    ZWave Library 6.81.00 – ONLY FOR UNITS WITH SCREW TAB!
    Added the Supervision Command Class to the non-secure NIF. | The parameter value of 0 is no longer valid for the sensor readings. This is a change in the certification and the sensor MUST always send a sensor reading. | Various other small changes were required to pass certification but would not impact typical users. (1/2/18)

  • v2.1: Upgrade to SmartStart – Z-Wave Certification rev

    ZWave Library 6.81.00 – ONLY FOR UNITS WITH SCREW TAB!
    Initial release using Sigma SDK 6.81.00 which adds security S2 and SmartStart. | Configuration Command Class upgraded to V3 so the parameter names and information can be obtained directly from the device without the need for custom programming. | Multilevel Switch command class was added as required for support of the Color Command class for the color LED. | Multilevel Switch doesn’t dim the LED, it only turns it on/off. (11/30/17) 

  • v1.10: [ download ] SDK upgrade and reboot if no communication in 18hrs

    ZWave Library: 6.51.10
    Reports of nodes requiring a power cycle to get them to talk again were coming in. They are rare but frequent enough it was decided to put additional checking in to reboot if there are more than 10 frame delivery failures in a row or if it has been more than 18 hours since the last communication. | FCC testing mode has changed to support 5 different modes. (9/22/17) 

  • v1.9 – Not released. The odd minor revs are reserved for branches.

  • v1.8: Add Hardware version to Version report command
    ZWave Library: 6.51.06 | Program Size: data=164.4 xdata=8040 const=191 code=49474
    The Version Report command (V2) now replies with a Hardware Version of 0x02 for on RevJ hardware and later. RevJ adds the LUX luminance sensor. Rev H is 0x01. For Rev H boards, the luminance sensor always returned 0 in Rev 1.7. This has been fixed in this revision. Note that Rev H only has luminance in percent. | The minimum timeout for sending a motion notification when OnTime is set to 0 has been reduced from 1 minute to 10 seconds. This shorter timeout makes it possible to use OnTime=0 mode more effectively. | LearnMode was left enabled after the button was pressed in previous revisions. | If a controller goes into NWI exclusion mode, HSM200 could be excluded without pressing the button. NWI exclusion mode ends as soon as the blue LED stops flashing with this revision. (6/15/2015)

  • v1.7: Fix color LED bug
    ZWave Library: 6.51.06
    Program Size: data=164.3 xdata=8038 const=191 code=49070
    The blue channel of the LED would get lost when the luminance is measured on RevJ boards (RevH boards do not have this problem). (5/26/15)

  • v1.6: Add LUX scale for light level for RevJ units.
    ZWave Library: 6.51.06
    Program Size: data=164.3 xdata=8039 const=191 code=49341
    For all RevJ and higher boards (serial numbers above 0x2000), the LUX scale has been added. The default remains a relative percentage. Note that the RevH boards cannot do lux – they only have percentage. The red color channel would get lost on RevJ boards when the temperature was
    measured. This has been fixed. | The Association Group Info Report command now correctly identifies the type of each group and the command classes that will be sent. | Group 1 is the Lifeline and all motion events are sent over that link. | Group 2 is Notification Home Security and sends BASIC_SET commands. (4/13/15)
  • v5.14: [ download ] Fixed multiple taps controlling the load (multiple taps should not control the load) | Modified parameter 5 to specify the lowest dim level the dimmer will provide (6.5% -> 20%) (Values are 1-14) | Z-Wave plugin version required in order to set the lowest dim level parameter from the device Z-Wave settings
    Note: When updating to this firmware the node ID of the switch will be lost. This was an unfortunate consequence of adding the group 2 association feature. You will need to add the switch back into your network. After adding the switch back in, click on the old device then Z-Wave tab, then “Remove Bad Node” to remove the node from the Z-Wave interface. If it fails, do a connectivity check, then remove.
    Careful: Be sure to install this dimmer firmware on the HS-WD200+ dimmer. If you install it on any other device, it may render that device inoperable.
  • v5.13: [ download When using group 2 association the controlling dimmer will send a BASIC SET to the associated dimmer after it reaches the desired dim level. This ensures that both dimmers LEDS stay in sync.
  • v5.12: Added a parameter to allow for lower dimming on the WD200. | Added group 2 associations. Any device added to group 2 will be controlled. This allows other WX200 devices to used as companion switches. LEDS will be kept in sync. | Ability to disable the multi-tap feature on both WS and WD. When disabled, the load will respond instantly to paddle presses. Note that a central scene command for single taps IS still sent. | To get the settings for the changes, please update to the latest Beta of the Z-Wave plugin or later.
  • v5.12: [ download ] Parameter 6 added. This parameter allows the Z-Wave central scene command class to be enabled (default) or disabled. If multi-tap operation is not required, disabling the central scene command class will result in instantaneous load control when the paddle is pressed.
  • v5.19: [ download ] Fixed lost node ID after OTA in v5.16 (3/14/17) 
    Only for dimmers running v5.16 or older
  • v5.18: Test version – not released
  • v5.17: Modified dimmer parameters (11/16/16)
  • v5.16: Adjusted dimming ramp rate (10/28/16)
  • v5.15: Updated ZDK to 6.51.08. Added Z-Wave “switch multilevel report” (instant status) to button press (9/30/16)
  • v5.14: Updated ZDK to 6.51.07. Added support for local and remote dim rates (3/6/16)
  • v5.17: [ download ] Fixed lost node ID after OTA (3/24/17)
    Only for switches running v5.15 or older
  • v5.16: Updated ZDK to 6.51.08. Added Z-Wave “switch binary report” (instant status) to button press (10/10/16)
  • v5.15: Updated ZDK to 6.51.07 (9/6/16)
  • v5.14: Adjusted timing to address abnormal relay behavior (5/14/16)

v5.12: [ download ] Added parameter to power on at previous state after power outage.

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