Current Product Downloads

Attention Trial Users: All HomeSeer software comes with a 30-day trial and 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Use the links below to download full installers for HS3 and HS3Touch. Software drivers (“plug-ins”) may be downloaded from within the HS3 application using the built-in updater (navigate to Plug-ins > Manage).  MyHS demo server credentials are ( / demo100). Please contact us directly if you have questions about the installation or operation of these programs.

HS3 / HS3PRO Smart Home Automation Software

IMPORTANT: HS3 is designed to connect with our cloud-based remote service (“MyHS”). This may trigger anti-virus alerts or cause HS3 to crash (known issue with BitDefender 2018). Be sure to disable your anti-virus software during installation and exclude the HS3 folder from your monitored files. 
If you have any trouble starting the built-in web-server, you may need to change the default port setting of “80” to a different number

Release Notes

  • v5.19: Fixed lost node ID after OTA in v5.16 (3/14/17)
  • v5.18: Test version – not released
  • v5.17: Modified dimmer parameters (11/16/16)
  • v5.16: Adjusted dimming ramp rate (10/28/16)
  • v5.15: Updated ZDK to 6.51.08. Added Z-Wave “switch multilevel report” (instant status) to button press (9/30/16)
  • v5.14: Updated ZDK to 6.51.07. Added support for local and remote dim rates (3/6/16)
  • v5.17: Fixed lost node ID after OTA (3/24/17)
  • v5.16: Updated ZDK to 6.51.08. Added Z-Wave “switch binary report” (instant status) to button press (10/10/16)
  • v5.15: Updated ZDK to 6.51.07 (9/6/16)
  • v5.14: Adjusted timing to address abnormal relay behavior (5/14/16)