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Got a question about our products or services? Call us directly (603-471-2816) or use the form on our contact page.

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Need HomeSeer Product Help?
Need help with a product you’ve already purchased? Call us directly (603-471-2816) or use the form on our contact page. HomeSeer offers unlimited support on all HomeSeer products. Telephone support is available within 60 days of purchase. After that, please use email.

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Our FREE community forum is open 24 hours a day and is a great resource for support and assistance from other HomeSeer system users..

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Interested in developing a plug-in for HomeSeer? We offer a free software SDK and the opportunity to market your work through our plug-in store. Learn more.

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Use the form below to retrieve your lost or forgotten HS2 or HS3 license codes. A complete list of your license codes (including plug-ins) will be emailed to you.

License Transfers & Other Issues
HomeSeer software licenses may be transferred from one user to another for a small fee ($25). If you’d like to do this, you can start the process by sending an email to For all other licensing issues including activation problems, licensing errors, or problems with trial licenses, send an email to


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Our message board includes an extensive collection of ‘how to’s” on a wide range to topics. Click here to browse the list.

Q. Do I have to register for MyHS?
A. Yes, go here and click Register to create an account! Your HS3 licenseID and password are needed.

Q. How many systems can I connect to the MyHS service?
A. With the free account you can connect (1) HS3 system. For $24.00 annually you can connect up to (5) systems.

Q. I purchased MyHS Premium, now what?
A. Once you have purchased MyHS Premium within 1 business hour you will be able to add licenses to the Manage section of your account.

Q. How do I register my HS3 system?
A. To register your system, go to Tools->Setup and click Register Online.

Q. I am getting this error, “No more unlocks left” when I register, what should I do?
A. Please contact HomeSeer support at or call us at 603-471-2816.

Q. I am getting this error, “Could not register, already registered” when I register, what should I do?
A. Please contact HomeSeer support at or call us at 603-471-2816.

Q. Where can I download the HS3 software?
A. HS3 can be downloaded from here.

Q. Do you offer a trial of the HomeSeer software?
A. Yes, we offer a 30 day trial or all software (including plug-ins).

Q. What is the difference between HS3 and HS3PRO?
A. HS3PRO includes a license for HSTouch Designer and all HomeSeer brand plug-ins.

Q. Can I backup and restore my configuration?
A. Yes, you can do this by going to Tools->Setup. Look for the Configuration section.

Q. Does HS3 work with IFTTT?
A. Yes! Click here for more information!

Q. Does HS3 work with the Amazon Echo?
A. Yes! Click here for more information!

Q. Will my IP Cameras work with HS3?
A. All IP cameras will work with HS3. Foscam and Amcrest cameras are automatically discovered and added. All other brands will require a snapshot url.

Q. What is the difference between your controllers?
A. The main difference is the plug-in availability and hardware specs. For full comparison click here.

Q. What types of products integrate with your controllers?
A. We integrate many Z-Wave, Insteon, X10, and IP based devices. For a full list click here.

Q. Do your Home Controllers have built-in Z-Wave?
A. The Zee S2 has a built-in Z-Wave chip but the SEL and S6 require a separate Z-Wave interface.

Q. Do your HomeTrollers have built in WiFi?
A. All HomeSeer HomeTrollers have built-in WiFi!

Q. Which Z-Wave interfaces work with HomeSeer systems?
A. HomeSeer systems work with many interfaces, since we support the standard protocol for Z-Wave (Sigma Serial API). See our comparison chart for details.

Q. Does the Z-NET have built in Wifi?
A. Always use a wired (Ethernet) connection with the Z-NET is possible. This will yield the highest level of reliability. If that is not possible, WiFi is built-in to your Z-NET.

Q. Does HomeSeer have it’s own lighting line?
A. Yes we do! Click here to learn more!

Q. Do your switches require a neutral?
A. Yes, the HS-WD100+ and HS-WS100+ require a neutral. Click here to see a comparison to other Z-Wave dimmers.

Q. I have one lighting fixture and two locations to control it. What do I need? (3-way setup)
A. You will need (1) HS-WS100+ or (1) HS-WD100+ and for each additional location you will need (1) HS-WA100+.

Q. What makes your wall switches different than other wall switches?
A. HomeSeer wall switches utilize the newest Z-Wave technology with the 500 series chip, also known as Z-Wave Plus. Our wall switches also support the scene class which allows for Instant Status and added features for HomeSeer users such as 2-tap, 3-tap, press & hold operation to trigger up to 6 HomeSeer events!

Q. Do you offer bulk pricing?
A. Yes we do. Give us a call (603-471-2816) or email us ( to get our best pricing on bulk orders!

Q. Can I add my existing Z-Wave devices into HS3?
A. Yes you can! HS3 can take care of the removing from an old network and then Add them to the new network in HS3.

Q. How many Z-Wave devices can HS3 control?
A. Each Z-Wave network can include up to 232 devices. This is the limit for most systems. However, since HS3 can manage multiple Z-Wave networks, there is no limit to the number or Z-Wave devices a single HS3 system can control!

Q. Can I backup and restore my Z-Wave network between different Z-Wave controllers with HS3?
A. Yes. You will need to use our SmartStick+, Z-NET or the UZB controller.

Q. Where can I download Z-Tool+?
A. Z-Tool+ is a free app than can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes Store.

Q. Can I control my devices from Z-Tool+?
A. No, current Z-Tool+ is only for Z-Wave Management.

Q. Is Z-Tool+ a replacement for my Z-Wave interface (antenna)?
A. No, Z-Tool+ is simply a mobile friendly app to use as an alternative to our HS3 web interface for setting up Z-Wave networks.

Q. I have Z-Wave devices that don’t support network wide inclusion (NWI). Does Z-Tool+ overcome this limitation?
A. No, you’ll still need to position your Z-Wave interface (antenna) close to older devices or secure devices that don’t support NWI to add them to your network.

Q. My system includes multiple Z-Wave interfaces. Will Z-Tool+ work with each?
A. Yes

Q. Will Z-Tool+ work without a HomeSeer system?
A. No, you’ll need a HomeSeer HomeTroller or HS3 Software and a Z-Wave interface* to use Z-Tool+.*HomeTroller Zee S2 includes a built-in Z-Wave interface for US use.

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Our message board includes an extensive collection of ‘how to’s” on a wide range to topics. Click here to browse the list.

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