Software Developer Support

Extending HomeSeer to Support Other Hardware and Software If you are a developer, installer, or hardware manufacturer HomeSeer can support your product. With HomeSeer’s plug-in architecture and our script and plug-in SDKs, you can easily develop your own plug-in to support your hardware or software. You can also contract us to develop the plug-in for you.

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Plug-ins Plug-ins are .NET EXEs developed using .NET technologies, typically or C#. The file resides in the HomeSeer directory and is discovered when HomeSeer is started. Your plug-in can add new triggers, conditions, and actions to the HomeSeer Windows interface as well as add new web pages to the HomeSeer server. The SDK includes a robust library of jquery controls to assist in building dynamic user interfaces. The SDK includes a few sample plug-ins written in Visual Basic .NET, but plug-ins can be written in any language that supports the Microsoft .NET Runtime.

Selling Your Application If you would like to re-sell your plug-in or script, we can handle that also. Your application can be sold through our online store. This program works as follows:

  1. Your application will be promoted in our online store.
  2. We will generate a product ID for you so users can purchase your application.
  3. You will have a free forum on our message board to discuss and support your application.
  4. Your application will be included in the HomeSeer Updater so users have easy access to it.
  5. For more information, check out our 3rd party development & distribution policy and contact us directly.

If you are creating a licensed plug-in, then the product has to have a unique product ID string (for plug-ins, this is what is returned from the Name function). You must also provide information to HomeSeer and agree to the terms set forth by HST to use the HST store, licensing system, and for maintenance of the licenses and license information. Please visit this web page for all of the latest information and requirements.

Information on distributing an application you have written using HomeSeer’s Updater can be found in the updater section of the SDK documentation.