Third Party Software

Development, Distribution and Support Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for development, marketing, distribution and support of 3rd party software plugins for HomeSeer smart home systems. 


  • All plugins should be developed using the HomeSeer software development kit (SDK).  The kit including all software and documentation may be downloaded from our developer support page.
  • All new 3rd party plugin development must be done specifically for the latest version or version series of HomeSeer software, although it may be written to be backwards compatible with older versions.

Marketing and Distribution

Paid Plugins

HomeSeer provides complete marketing and development support for all authors who choose to sell and distribute their plugins through HomeSeer.  All plugin authors who distribute through HST will receive the following benefits:

  • Plugins will be posted in the HomeSeer software ‘updater’ for internet-based download by HomeSeer users.
  • Plugins will be promoted on the website in the ‘products’ section. 
  • Plugin license keys will be issued by HST directly.
  • HST will include (in the updater) any plugin updates submitted by 3rd party authors.
  • Authors will receive a HomeSeer message board forum of their own for end-user support.
  • Authors will receive plugin developer support from HST.
  • Payment processing for all 3rd party plugin sales will be managed by HST.

Note: Commercial plugins marketed and sold independently may not be advertised on the HomeSeer message board.

Free Plugins

Those who wish offer free plugins through HomeSeer may do so. Those plugins may be listed in the updater and promoted through HomeSeer’s online store at HomeSeer’s discretion. HST reserves the right to remove any free plugin from the message board at any time and for any reason, including (but not limited to) support, quality or competitive issues.

Pricing and Commissions

  • 3rd party plugin pricing will be set solely by the plugin author.  
  • Commissions paid to HomeSeer will be 25% of the plugin selling price per plugin sold. Discounts for special sales or our HomeSeer rewards program will be applied before commissions are calculated and paid.
  • Royalty payments will be issued by HST to 3rd party authors monthly and will be paid via PayPal.  Authors who wish to be paid by other means must contact HomeSeer to discuss options.

End-User Support

  • 3rd party plugin authors are solely responsible for all end-user support of their plugins.  Plugins that are not adequately supported will be subject to removal from distribution at the discretion of HST.
  • All 3rd party authors who distribute their commercial plugins directly through HST will be granted a message board forum for end-user support of their plugins.

Other Considerations

  • HST does not grant 3rd party authors any assurances that other 3rd parties authors or HST itself will not create competing products.
  • Although HST employs various license protection schemes, HST cannot be held liable for any unlicensed use of 3rd party plugins.
  • Authors who distribute their plugins independently are prohibited from using the HomeSeer message board to market or promote those plugins in any way.
  • HST reserves the right to remove any 3rd party plugin from distribution at any time for any reason.
  • This policy is subject to change without notice.
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