About Us

Why HomeSeer?

Smart Home Automation is Our Passion
For more than 20 years, HomeSeer has been a leading provider of smart home products. Our commitment to new & emerging technologies, our support for established technologies and our focus on value make HomeSeer the right choice for any home automation need! 

Our Mission

Focus On The Fundamentals
We operate on a pretty simple set of principles. Our smart home hubs & software must provide the reliability, security & performance of local-managed automation while also leveraging the globally-connected power of emerging cloud technologies. Our other products must offer great innovation & especially great value. Above all, our products must be easy to install & affordable. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!

Our Product History

Where We’ve Been Helps To Shape Where We’re Going!

2021: HS-WX300
2021: HT Pi G2
2021: HS-SP100
2021: SmartSti+ G3
2021: HT-Plus
2020: HT-PRO
HS-MS100+ G2 Z-Wave Motion Sensor
2019: HS-MS100-G2
SmartStick+ G2 Z-Wave USB Interface
2019: SmartSti+ G2
HomeSeer Mobile App
2019: HSMobile
HS-FS100-L Z-Wave Indicator Light Sensor
2019: HS-FS100+
HS-FC200+ Z-Wave Fan Controller Switch
2018: HS-FC200+
HS-FLS100+ Z-Wave Flood Light Sensor
2018: HS-FLS100+
HS-WD200+ Z-Wave Wall Dimmer
2018: HS-WD200+
HS-WS200+ Z-Wave Wall Switch
2018: HS-WS200+
HS-MS100+ Z-Wave Motion Sensor
2017: Motion Sensor
HS-LS100+ Z-Wave Water Leak Sensor
2017: Leak Sensor
Google Home
2017: Google Support
Z-Seer & Z-Flash Software
2017: Z-Seer+/Flash+
HS-DS100+ Z-Wave Door / Window Sensor
2017: HS-DS100+
HS-WV100+ Z-Wave Water Valve
2016: HS-WV100+
HS-WD100+ Z-Wave Dimmer
2016: 100-Series
Amazon Echo
2016: Alexa Support
Z-Tool+ Z-Wave Network Management Software
2015: Z-Tool+
HomeTroller Zee S2 Smart Home Hub
2015: HT Zee S2
IFTTT Integration with HomeSeer
2015: IFTTT Support
SmartStick+ Z-Wave USB Stick Interface
2015: SmartStick+
Z-NET Z-Wave Interface
2015: Z-NET Cntrlr
HomeTroller S6 Smart Home Hub
2014: HomeTroller S6
HomeTroller SEL Smart Home Hub
2014: HT-SEL
HSM200 Z-Wave Multisensor
2014: HSM200 Sensor
MyHS Remote Access Service
2014: MyHS Service
HomeSeer Tabletop Touchscreen
2014: TableTop TS
HomeTroller Zee Smart Home Hub
2013: HomeTroller Zee
HS3 Smart Home Software
2013: HS3 Software
HST-IWAR7 In-Wall Touchscreen
2012: HST-IWAR7
ADIO-100 Analog / Digital Interface
2011: ADIO-100
HomeTroller SE
2011: HT-SE
HST-IW07 In-Wall Touchscreen
2010: HST-IW07
HSTouch Mobile App
2009: HSTouch Mobile
HomeTroller Smart Home Hub
2007: HomeTroller
HSM100 Z-Wave Multsensor
2007: HSM100
Z-Troller Z-Wave Interface
2006: Z-Troller
HS2 / HSPRO Smart Home Software
2005: HS2 / HSPRO
PRO-100 Smart Home Hub
2005: PRO-100
Z-Wave Wireless Technology
2003: Z-Wave Support
HS1 Smart Home Software
1999: HS1 Software
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