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Lee Robinson

5 Star Rating

The light sensor triggers an event that announces “The dryer cycle is finished” over the Google Home speakers in the house. The sensor was easy to set up and has been working flawless the since I received it.

Aaron Meadows

5 Star Rating

I had no issues setting this up at all. A little tweaking with the device in HomeSeer and I can adjust the fan speed with my voice using Google Home. This is WAY better than using those wireless remotes that come with fans now days.

Nathan S.

5 Star Rating

I have both the Dome & HomeSeer Water Sensor. Hands down the Homeseer Leak Sensor has been the most reliable! I really like the design and that the base magnetically attaches to the extension probe, makes it very easy to change out batteries.


5 Star Rating

Did lots of research, came to the conclusion that these were my best option for have programmable dimmers to control many items in the house with one switch. The lighting colors are great for the sensor details.

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