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Working on your first or next smart home project? Maybe we can help.
Leverage our 20+ years of experience in smart home technology

What We Offer

Whether you’re looking for a fully baked control solution or simply want to add more products or parts to your existing solution, we’d like to help. Choose from our extensive line of smart home hubs, software, products and parts.


Looking for a control solution? Our pre-made hubs are engineers to handle a wide variety of needs.

HS4 Platform


Building your own hub? Our HS4 platform simplifies the work and speeds your hub to market faster.

Z-Wave Pi


Add Z-Wave to your Raspberry Pi powered product with our specially designed 500 or 700 series Z-Wave Plus Pi I/O board.

Wall Switch & Dimmer


HS-WX300 is a Z-Wave wall switch that’s designed to work as a dimmer or on/off switch, with or without a neutral.



HSM200 is a Z-Wave Plus AC line powered motion, temperature and light level sensor. Use to track occupancy and environment.

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