Introducing the HS-9000

Smart Home Intelligence Transmitter

HS-9000 Base Station and Headset

How it works

This uniquely styled headband will harness what HomeSeer calls “shome” thoughts. Shome thoughts are brain waves delegated towards controlling smart home devices. Shomes will be transmitted to the base station, where the base stations runs a brand new HomeSeer platform that integrates with millions of different smart home products. The HS-9000 converts your thoughts into actionable intents for your smart home. All of this happens in a matter of nano-seconds. This will allow you to control or know the status of a device by simply generating a shome.



Privacy and Security

Powered by our AI+ technology, the HS-9000 has been carefully designed to only listen to smart home related thoughts.* All other thoughts are carefully filtered out. You can rest assured that your dreams are not being monitored or your thoughts harvested and sold to advertisement companies.**

All Smart Home Intelligence Transmitters come with a HomeSeer Fully Open Observing Liability guarantee.

*What is and is not considered a shome is up to the discretion of HomeSeer’s Smart Home Intelligence Transmission team
**Additional privacy and security is sold separately.

What's in the Box

  • (9) Wireless++ antennas
  • (1) Base station
  • (1) Headband
  • Wireless charging station sold separately
  • Additional antennas sold separately
  • (1) Power adapter for base station
  • (2) Screws for headband


Elon M

“My home has never been easier to interact with. It knows exactly what I want before I want it. Just the other day, I was talking to a friend about a new grill and today, a new grill shows up at my door. Wow! I didn’t even order one…”

Bob R

“I never realized how often I think about my lights being on and off, it’s like I am living in a disco now! It is truly amazing how well this device can ready my mind and decipher my thoughts.

Bruce W

“I can only imagine the power this device would have in the wrong hands. I shall do everything in my power to protect and promote this technology.”

Tony S

“This device is super cool. It’s like Jarvis but better.”

Luke S

“This is the exact type of product I have been looking for my entire life. The force is real with this one.”

The HS-9000 ships February 29th, 2023

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