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Control Your Insteon Devices with HomeSeer | No Subscription Required
Insteon web servers were shut down on 4/14/22 without warning, disabling app access for thousands of customers. Two months later, the servers are back on but now you need a paid subscription 😒 Kick the cloud (and the fees) to the curb with HomeSeer!

What You Need

In a nutshell, you’ll need 3 things; a HomeSeer hub, the MNS Inston software plugin, and your Insteon hub.


HomeSeer Hub


You’ll need a HomeSeer hub to access and control your Insteon devices.


Insteon Software Plugin


This plugin allows HomeSeer hubs to communicate directly with the Insteon hub.


Insteon Hub


Your Insteon hub is required to send Insteon commands to your Insteon devices.

HomeSeer/Insteon Reviews

HomeSeer Rated A+ by HandyDadTV

Chris from HandyDadTV takes a close look at our HomeTroller Plus – MNS Insteon Plugin solution for regaining control of your Insteon system. The review covers 7 separate tests including configuring and controlling devices & scenes, creating schedules, cross-integration with Z-Wave and Alexa voice control. An itemized report card ranks the system based on functionality, ease of use, technology, company and cost. Be sure to check out the Bonus Tips & Tricks at the end!

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I use this plugin with a HomeTroller Plus running HS4 and it did everything I needed it to do. It's a cost effective way to keep using your Insteon investment as well as integrate with additional technologies so you can replace your Insteon devices over time if you want to.
Michael S.
Saved my Insteon investment
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When Insteon went out of business, I searched for a solution that wouldn’t depend on the cloud and didn’t require me to keep my computer on. Hometroller plus and the Insteon plug-in combination has been perfect. Within a couple days, my Insteon installation was fully back up and running along with the scheduled scenes and Alexa.
Awesome - It really works!
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It works and has all the controls and setting that Insteon had -- but in a much easier to use interface. Kudos.
Robert C.
Great salvation for Insteon orphans
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Relatively easy to use plug in for most Insteon devices. Although most answers are available in a forum, some sort of overall guide would be helpful for newbies or non tech folks, but Marks responses are quick and helpful to all questions.
Works Great
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Easy to use and works great! Has sophisticated link management and you can create groups (hub scenes) which will turn on and off instantly. Alexa works too!
David P.
Excellent software - Saved my Insteon Installation
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It was very easy to use. I have a bit of technical background but you really don't require much more than good common sense to use this software. Insteon left a lot of folks high and dry, but this software saved the day.
David H.
Saved an Insteon Orphan
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Setting up HS4 with the plug-in was very straight-forward and works flawlessly. I ended up putting it on a windows 10 micro computer.
Robert M.
Just what was needed!!
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When Insteon shut down I thought I would have to replace everything in my system and start all over, but thanks to Mark and his plugin for HS4 I was saved. There was a bit of back and forth because Insteon uses Scenes and HomeSeer uses Events but with Mark's help we were able to work through all the hiccups. Everything is working great again. Thanks Mark HomeSeer...
Our H.
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Being one of the folks who relied heavily on Insteon for home automation, it was ugly when Insteon 'died' all of a sudden. Luckily HomeSeer and Mark came through with fairly easy to use software to keep my devices running and controllable... Overall, a great find.
Brian S.
Awesome. Overall
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Fantastic! Install was smooth, setup was easy, support is outstanding from Mark and the forum community. The plugin has worked flawlessly to this point. I'm running it with HS4 on a raspberry pi3 with no issues.
Kris T.
Fixed my Insteon
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Experience has been great. Fixed my Insteon issues and gave me more stuff to play with!


On or about 4/14/22, the Insteon company shut down their web servers (without warning). This action disabled the Insteon app which prevented users from controlling and editing their devices and schedules.

UPDATE: Insteon was acquired by another company and the servers have been reactivated but with subscription fees

You can regain access to your Insteon devices by adding a HomeSeer hub and special Insteon software plugin to your system.

You’ll need three things to regain access to the Insteon devices:

  1. HomeSeer Hub.
  2. MNS Insteon Plugin for HS4
  3. You Insteon hub

Your Insteon hub’s connection to the Insteon mobile app was severed when the web servers were shut down last week. This disabled user access to the hub preventing remote control and programming. HomeSeer hubs restore this functionality by communicating directly with the hub on your local network. Our HomeSeer Mobile app (Android & iOS) will replace the Insteon app for remote control of your devices.

The MNS Insteon Plugin is the “driver” that allows the HomeSeer hub to communicate with your Insteon hub.

You’ll need something that broadcasts “Insteon” commands directly to your Insteon devices. This is what your Insteon hub does. Note that the red light on the hub will continue to stay red. That’s OK!

If your Insteon system is small and your smart home needs are modest, our basic HomeTroller Pi should work well for you. If you have a larger system and intend to use multiple technologies (Insteon, Z-Wave, Zigbee, Ecobee, HUE, MyQ, Lutron, etc…), our HomeTroller Plus hub offers a much faster platform with more ‘breathing room’ for growth. Both hubs works equally well with the MNS Insteon plugin. Compare hub features

Sure, you can build your own “HomeSeer hub” by licensing our HS4 smart home software and installing it onto your own computer. This will take a bit longer than just buying a hub (naturally) but if you’re technically inclined, want to save a buck or two and have an old PC or laptop that aren’t really being used, you can do this.

No, our hubs are self contained. However, our software is a web application so you will need to access it with a browser to program the hub. This can be done with Chrome, Safari, Firefox or something equivalent running on a computer, tablet or phone.

No. Your Insteon hub has a built in PLM (Power Line Module).

It’s not too complicated but it will take a bit of time (plan on a couple hours!). Just follow the “Getting Started” guide. These are the steps:

  1. Add the HomeSeer hub to your network
  2. Install the Insteon software plugin
  3. Configure the plugin to connect to your Insteon hub
  4. Add devices to the HomeSeer hub by entering your Insteon device IDs
Once these steps are complete, you’ll be able to control your Insteon devices again using our HomeSeer mobile app and you’ll be able to program scenes and events (automations) using your HomeSeer hub’s web interface from any browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, ect..)
  • Insteon hub Internal schedules may continue to run. There is no way to access these schedules to edit or delete them directly. Should this be desired, the schedules can be deleted by doing a factory reset of the Insteon hub. Then new automations could be created in the HomeSeer hub.
  • Insteon thermostats are not supported in HS4 with the HS4 Insteon plugin.
  • Scenes can be rebuilt using Groups.
  • The plugin does not read any configurations in the hub written by the insteon app.
  • The username and password on the bottom of the hub can be mixed case: an upper case “i” can look like a lower case “L”.
  • You can get a list of your insteon IDs after you connect the plugin and display the interface links from the plugin Interface page. look for links that start with E2 00.

Initially, we were warning folks to NOT factory-reset their hubs as we thought that would render the hub inaccessible. However, users who have performed a factory reset are reporting that their hubs are still accessible on their networks. As such, we are no longer warning against doing this. That said, if your hub has failed or is not accessible on your local network, you may need to acquire a different interface to control your Insteon network. The MNS Insteon plugin is compatible with these interfaces:

  • Hub 2242-222 (rectangular)
  • Hub 2245-222 (square)
  • PLM 2413S
  • PLM 2413U
  • PLM 2412S
  • PLM 2412U
  • USB Adapter 2448A7

More info

Need details? Visit the Insteon plugin forum to learn more about connecting hubs together and getting things set up. Contact us directly with questions about what to buy and how to get started.

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