MyHS LITE Subscriptions are Changing

Today is the day. MyHS LITE is changing.

Today is the day. MyHS is changing. We’re making Google, Amazon, and IFTTT integrations an exclusive feature of MyHS premium plans.

MyHS and Voice Integration

Like we shared in our previous blog article, support for voice and app integrations will be available exclusively through our MyHS Plus, PRO, and Business subscription (paid) tiers moving forward. These services will no longer be available to MyHS Lite (free) account holders.

Starting today, all current LITE account holders with a registered system will be granted a 60 day trial of the PLUS plan. This will allow you to continue to use Google, Amazon, and IFTTT without any interruptions. Mark your calendars for May, 11th and make sure you update your account before then to ensure everything continues to run smoothly. You will need to go into your account and add payment details. If you do not want to upgrade after the trial, you do not have to do anything.

This account upgrade will happen over the next week; so if you don’t see your account upgraded yet check back in a few days. This will not interfere with the functionality of any integrations you have configured.

Responding to Feedback

Transparency means a lot to us and is a necessary to enhancing our relationship with each of you. We have gathered a lot of great feedback from you after the initial announcement of this shift. We hear you. Some of you said that you would like us to work on making these integrations more reliable and supporting more device types. We will commit to delivering on this, and we will outline exactly what this means within the next few weeks.

Will This Affect Me?

If you’re using Alexa, Google or IFTTT with a Lite (free) account, this change will affect you. If you’re using a Lite account for remote access only or if you’re a MyHS premium (paid) subscriber, this change will NOT affect you.

Remote Access Is Still Free

A friendly reminder that remote access will remain a feature of the LITE plan and will continue to be provided for free.

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