New Zigbee Plugin Supports Thousands of Devices

Our new Zigbee Plus plugin leverages Zigbee2MQTT to support thousands of devices!


Our newest plugin integrates seamlessly with Zigbee2MQTT to add support for more than 3,000 Zigbee devices from hundreds of companies. Zigbee Plus installs with just a couple clicks and works on HomeSeer HS4-powered hubs and software systems.

What is Zigbee?

Zigbee is low power mesh network technology that uses the universally accepted 2.4 GHz communication band. Zigbee chips are widely available and competitively priced, making the technology a popular choice for companies looking to produce inexpensive products for commercial use and for the DIY smart home market.

What is Zigbee2MQTT?

Zigbee2MQTT (Z2M) is an open source project licensed under the free GNU General Public License 3. This project is very active and is well maintained with new devices being added to it continuously. Our plugin integrates tightly with Z2M ensuring automatic compatibility with new devices as soon as they are added to the project.

Z2M Front End App

When you install the plugin, the full Z2M app will also install. This gives you direct access to all Zigbee device information and settings.

Z2M Network Map

A built-in map feature generates a graphical view of you entire Zigbee network.

Supported Devices

As mentioned above, more than 3,000 devices are supported by Z2M and any of those may be added to your HomeSeer system. The example below shows an Aqara wireless mini switch with all of it’s features exposed.

Plugin Setup

Installation is quick and easy using our online setup guide. You’ll need the following:

Help & Discussion

Have questions? Contact us directly of post a question to our community of users on our forum!

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