This week we’re giving away a $999 HomeTroller PRO smart home hub! Log in with your email and enter by interacting with our social media. Each like, share and subscribe counts as a separate entry (or entries)! Enter by Monday, 12/25/23. The winner will be chosen the following day and announced when confirmed. All past winners are posted to this page (below).


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Previous Giveaway Winners

  • 7/3/23: HomeTroller PRO | Tony U (Glendale, AZ)
  • 5/30/23: HSM200 5-Pack | David A (Spring Branch, TX)
  • 4/23/23: WX300 3-Pack | Larry B
  • 4/10/23: HS4PRO | Eirik H, Jonathan H, Shawn M
  • 3/18/23: HomeTroller PRO | Tim R. (New Middletown, OH)
  • 3/7/23: HomeTroller Pi | Joe W. (Windham, NH), Kari P. (Pasadena, MD)
  • 2/1/23: HSM200 5-Pack | Gilbert L (San Francisco, CA)
  • 12/20/22: HomeTroller Plus Hub | Muhammad G (Sugar Land, TX)
  • 10/4/22: HS4PRO | Ferdi S (Coogee Western Australia), Shuwei L (Netherlands), Karl M (Melbourne, FL)
  • 9/20/22: HSM200 5-Pack | Mike P (Winter Garden, FL)
  • 8/30/22: WX300 3-Pack | David M (Lexington, KY)
  • 7/26/22: HomeTroller Plus Hub | Steven P (Kirkville, NY)
  • 6/28/22: HS4PRO Software | Peter B (anp), Cameron M (Frisco, TX), Felix G (anp)
  • 5/12/22: Philips HUE Bulb Starter Kit | Greg B (Ft Lauderdale, FL)
  • 4/4/22: Ecobee3 Lite | Gary M (St Augustine, FL)
  • 3/28/22: HomeTroller Plus Hub | David M (Danville, VA)
  • 3/1/22: Philips HUE Bulb Starter Kit | Sean F (Suwanee, GA)
  • 2/14/22: Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat | Kristofer B (Frisco, TX)
  • 2/8/22: HS4PRO Software | James R (Lothian MD), Pat P (Biloxi MS), Anthony R (Cedar Park TX)
  • 1/25/22: HS-WX300 Smart Dimmer Switches (3-Pack) | Michael V (Englewood, FL), Ronald V (Topsham, ME), Roger O (Delray Beach, FL)
  • 1/11/22: HSM200 Z-Wave Multi-sensor (5-Pack) | Steve P (Kirkville, NY)
  • 12/15/21: Z-Wave Sensor 4-Pack | Ronald V (Topsham, ME), Kevin L (Colorado Springs, CO), Jakob B (Herndon, VA)
  • 12/8/21: HS-WX300 Smart Dimmer Switches (3-Pack) | Bryan C (Blaine, MN), Larry B (Sun City West, AZ), Doug D (Atlanta, GA)
  • 11/18/21: HomeTroller Pi G2 Smart Home Hub | Tom M (Olmsted Falls, Ohio)
  • 10/31/21: HS-WX300 Smart Dimmer Switches (3-Pack) | Hisham R (Sacramento, CA), James E (Lancaster, NY), Trent H (Marysville, OH)
  • 10/9/21: HS4PRO Software | Terje K (ENGELØYA, Norway : HomeTroller Plus Smart Home Hub | Anthony H (Reno, NV)
  • 9/11/21: HomeTroller Plus Smart Home Hub | Morgan H (Clifton, VA)
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