We Leverage the Power of the Cloud

Our “Hybrid” approach

Internet web services are dominating the landscape of emerging technologies today. Everywhere you turn, companies are racing to launch (or re-launch) their products and services into the cloud.┬áBut while the cloud can offer a higher level of access and convenience, this often comes at the cost of privacy, security, reliability and performance. The trade-offs are often worth the cost, but sometimes not. At HomeSeer, we understand this. That’s why we favor a hybrid approach that retains the privacy, security, speed and reliability of locally processed home automation, while leveraging the wonderfully convenient and powerful cloud-based technologies below.

Voice Assistants

HomeSeer was one of the pioneers of the voice-controlled home back in 1999. Our “HS1” software worked with stand-alone microphones to control and monitor the status of your home. However, residential microphones were difficult to set up and the syntax of voice commands took some time to master too. These issues generally limited its use. Today’s cloud-managed voice assistants from Amazon and Google have completely shattered those problems! Now, any HomeSeer user can master the fun and convenience of voice control with the addition of these great little devices.

Amazon Alexa / Echo

  • “Alexa, tell HomeSeer to unlock my door for 1 hour”
  • “Alexa, turn off all my living room lights”
  • Alexa, set my thermostat to 68 degrees”

Google Home

  • “OK Google, turn on my kitchen light”
  • “OK Google, turn off all my living room lights”
  • “OK Google, set my lamp to the color red”

IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT is a cloud service that works to integrate products, services and apps from hundreds of “channel partners” from around the world. IFTTT users create little ‘applets’ that use triggers from one company’s product to launch actions that control another company’s product. For HomeSeer users, this provides easy integration without the need for native plug-ins (drivers). HUGE!

A Few Channel Partners..

Sample Applets

MyHS Remote

HomeSeer Mobile App

MyHS is a remote access service that simplifies the process of connecting to your home from anywhere in the world. With MyHS, there’s no need to change your router or internet connection settings. Simply browse to https://myhs.homeseer.com and create your account. Then, add your HomeSeer system license ID and login credentials to your account. Once done, you’ll be able to monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world with your mobile device or any web browser.

Cost: MyHS is FREE for any single system home (most homes).

Users with multiple systems or dealers managing multiple customers can subscribe to our premium MyHS system for just $2.00/month.

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