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Subscribe to a premium account and unlock the full power of your HomeSeer system! Manage multiple systems, share smart home features with your family and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having cloud backups of your important recordings & system settings.

Premium Features

More Systems

Easily manage secondary residences and office systems!

More Users

Share your system with family, friends and guests!

Auto Upload

Videos automatically upload to the cloud for safekeeping!

Cloud Backup

Recover even if your hub or local storage are compromised!

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$ FREE Always
  • Max Systems:
  • Max Users: 1
  • Max Cameras/sys: 1
  • Saved Recordings: 7 days
  • Max Storage: 5 GB


$ 29
  • Max Systems: 5
  • Max Users: 5
  • Max Cameras/sys: 1
  • Saved Recordings: 7 days
  • Max Storage: 50 GB
  • Cloud Backup: Monthly

Premium Plus

$ 49
  • Max Systems: 5
  • Max Users: 10
  • Max Cameras/sys: 5
  • Saved Recordings: 14 days
  • Max Storage: 150 GB
  • Cloud Backup: Weekly

Premium Pro

$ 99
  • Max Systems: 10
  • Max Users: 50
  • Max Cameras/sys: 10
  • Saved Recordings: 30 days
  • Max Storage: 400 GB
  • Cloud Backup: Daily

Custom Dealer Plans Also Available


Alan Hennison

5 Star Rating

My wife has always been hesitant to use our home automation system as it was a pain for her to log in. With MyHS and MomeSeer Mobile on her phones she has finally come around. One drawback is that she is always reminding me I left a light on somewhere. LOL

Donald I.

5 Star Rating

I use MyHS Remote Premium daily to manage multiple Homeseer Zee hubs at two different locations. Great piece of mind knowing I can access my hubs any time, and from anywhere I may be.

Glenn W.

5 Star Rating

I have three HS3 systems that I need to work with on a regular basis. I have also started using HomeSeer Mobile on my Android Phone. Having MyHS Remote Premier Service makes working with these multiple systems much easier. Highly recommend this add-on service, particularly if you need to access multiple HomeSeer systems.

Devan B.

5 Star Rating

MyHS remote service makes using Homeseer on your phone quite easy. The dashboard works well and can create a simple custom interface for family members.

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