HS3Touch Mobile App

HSTouch mobile app is the perfect “control portal” for you home! HSTouch unlocks the power of your HomeSeer HS3-enabled system and works seamlessly with all Apple (IOS) and Android smart phones, tablets and free-standing devices. Our standard HSTouch “project” includes lighting, thermostat, door lock, camera, energy and weather functions and may also be used to launch your HomeSeer events. A companion design tool (HSTouch Designer) allows you to create a fully customized project for your own personal use.

Note: Our new “HomeSeer Mobile” app is not yet released. However, you can participate in the beta.

HSTouch Smart Home Controller App


  • Any HS3 or HS3PRO-powered HomeSeer system (including all HomeTrollers)
  • Free HSTouch Server plug-in 
  • Free MyHomeSeer-Remote cloud-based account
  • Free HSTouch client app (installed on the Apple or Android device of your choice)


  1. Ensure that the HSTouch server plug-in is installed and enabled on your HomeSeer system
  2. Register for a Free MyHomeSeer-Remote account and add your HomeSeer license codes to that account
  3. Download and install the Free HSTouch app on your mobile device(s)
  4. Apple: Open your IOS settings, find HSTouch and enter your MyHomeSeer username and password
    Android: Run the HSTouch app, access settings from within the app and enter your MyHomeSeer username and password
  5. Run the app and connect using MyHomeSeer. Your system should now be accssible!

Design Your Own Screens! (optional)
HS3Touch Designer allows users and installers to FULLY customize their HSTouch projects and “deploy” them to the mobile device(s) of their choice. HSTouch Designer runs on a Windows PC but can create projects for the following platforms:

  • Apple IOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Windows

HS3Touch Designer includes these great features:

  • Works with Free HS3Touch Android, Apple, Linux and Windows Apps
  • Drag / Drop design area
  • Easy to use alignment and spacing tools
  • Supports alpha blending image transparency
  • Projects may be deployed locally on home network or remotely via the internet