Announcing new changes coming to MyHS smart tech

We have a lot planned for MyHS. See what's coming in 2024.

As promised, here is a sneak peek into the future of our MyHS remote access service. We want to focus on enhancing the overall experience for you no matter how you choose to interact with your smart home; whether that’s through the MyHS website, by speaking to a smart speaker, or by using a 3rd-party platform. We will be starting with enhancing our integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home as well as working on adding new integrations. We’ve waited too long on Apple Home, and that is first on our list of new integrations.

Amazon Alexa Enhancements

Our Amazon Alexa integration is set to become even more robust, aiming to streamline your interactions and extend the capabilities of your smart home devices. Here’s what’s on the horizon:
  • Expanding Device Type Support: Look forward to enhanced voice control over a wider range of devices, including blinds, garage doors, and other sensors.
  • Real-time Device Status Updates: The introduction of the “ChangeReport” API will enable real-time updates for changes in device status within the Alexa system.
  • Upgraded Lighting Controls: We are adding support for adjusting color temperature for your lights so you can make them warmer/cooler through Alexa.

Google Home Enhancements

While specific enhancements are in development, our goal is to deepen the integration with Google Home making voice commands more intuitive and expanding your ability to control your home through Google. You can expect these changes to be similar to the Amazon Alexa Enhancements we have planned: expanded device type support, more reliable, faster response times, etc.

Future 3rd-Party Integrations

We’re exploring opportunities to connect with more third-party services, opening up new possibilities for your smart home ecosystem. This includes working on an integration with Apple Home to start, which has been frequently requested by our community.

Dedicated Servers

We’re investing in dedicated servers to ensure faster response times and more reliable uptime for our subscribers. This upgrade is a reflection of our commitment to ensuring you’re always connected with your home, day and night.

Looking Forward

You can expect these updates to be rolled out over the course of the rest of the year, and we will provide you with an update on an Apple Home integration in the next few months.

These changes are just the beginning. Your feedback has been crucial in shaping our roadmap, and we can’t wait to continue to bring more and more enhancements to MyHS. If you have any suggestions or would like to see a specific platform integration, let us know.

Together, we can create a smarter, more connected home experience.

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