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Our Z-Wave Plus Plugin is here | New 800 Series SmartStick | MyHS Plus Trials End Soon

New Z-Wave Plus Plugin

Z-Wave has been a central part of our ecosystem for a very long time. We handcrafted support for it 20 years ago and have carefully maintained it since then. This has offered us a lot of flexibility in the way we can integrate Z-Wave for our users. It has allowed us to provide a stable experience throughout the years. Things are changing. The technology is evolving, and the community of smart home developers is growing. The Z-Wave JS open-source project has been of particular interest to us. We’ve been watching it grow into a robust and impressive system. It has a healthy community surrounding it, and they’re pushing the technology forward in ways that resonate with HomeSeer’s mission: to forge a deeper connection between you and your home.

With this in mind, we have released a beta of HomeSeer’s new Z-Wave Plus Plugin. This plugin replaces our existing Z-Wave implementation with Z-Wave JS. Your entire experience should not change at all. We have worked hard to make sure you don’t have to relearn anything. All of the functions you expect are in the same place and work the same. But now, with Z-Wave JS, you will also gain support for more devices, have more techy tools through Z-Wave JS UI, and get some newer Z-Wave features like long range (LR) support.

This is the start of our next chapter with Z-Wave, and we are very excited to be deepening our relationship with Z-Wave JS and the open-source community

SmartStick G8 Z-Wave Controller

Our newest controller includes an 800 series Z-Wave dual network module that can manage mesh and long range networks simultaneously. SmartStick G8 works seamlessly with our new Z-Wave Plus plugin and users can easily upgrade from most 500 and 700 series controllers.

MyHS Plus Trial Ends Soon

On March 12th, we moved all 3rd party integrations to our MyHS premium (paid) plans and we gave all Lite plan users a free trial of MyHS Plus. That trial ends on May 11th. If you’re using Alexa, Google Home or IFTTT, please log into your MyHS account and add a payment method to that plan to avoid any interruption in service.

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