Z-NET Now Works with Z-Wave & Zigbee!

Our Z-NET Network-Connected Interface Now Works with Both Z-Wave & Zigbee for HomeSeer and Home Assistant Systems

Z-NET has been the popular choice for managing Z-Wave networks in large homes, businesses and out buildings. This month, we’ve updated it and paired it with the new Sonoff ZBDongle-E to extend these same capabilities to Zigbee products.

With Z-NET, HomeSeer and Home Assistant users can manage more than 7,000 popular Z-Wave and Zigbee products from around the world including (but not limited to)….

  • Smart Switches
  • Smart Plugs
  • Smart Bulbs
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Sensors or all types
  • Smart Shades & Blinds
  • Smart Water Valves
  • Smart Sirens & Security Devices

How it Works

Z-NET is built with an internal radio to handle Z-Wave communications. A separate (optional) Zigbee USB coordinator is connected to one of the four USB ports to handle Zigbee communications. The unit itself is then added to your home network (via Ethernet or WiFi) for use with your HomeSeer or Home Assistant hub.

In the diagram below, a HomeTroller PRO hub is connected to two Z-NETs, one of which is controlling both Z-Wave and Zigbee products.


We’ve prepared installation and setup guides for HomeSeer and Home Assistant users (below). Additional help and answers may be found on our support page or community forum.


You’ll need a HomeSeer HS4-powered system or Home Assistant, a Z-NET and a Sonoff Zigbee coordinator. Then, depending on your system, you’ll also need to install the appropriate Z-Wave and Zigbee software plugins or add-ons. Be sure to consult the setup guides and respective web resources for additional help.

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