Plugin Alert | PSDK v1.4.3 Changes May Require Code Adjustments

PSDK changes are coming that may affect some plugins.

We’ve made a change in PSDK v1.4.3 that is designed to improve data integrity and data sharing between HS4 and HS4 plugins. However, this change has an unintended consequence. It may cause some plugins to break based on how they are using the JUI framework. Please review the changes below to determine if you are affected and update your plugins if you are before February 7th, 2023.

Improving the Platform

 We don’t want to cause users problems that are out of their control, but we also don’t want to stop the evolution of the platform because of the way a plugin is using the PSDK. We would like to keep improving the platform and providing plugins with new and interesting ways to add on to the platform. We appreciate your understanding and continued dedication to building smarter homes.

PSDK Changes

 In the methods OnSettingPageSave, OnSettingChange, OnDeviceConfigChange, AbstractActionType.OnConfigItemUpdate, and AbstractTriggerType.OnConfigItemUpdate certain properties of AbstractViews were not filled completely and could be used in unexpected ways to achieve the same desired results as using the dedicated properties for those same values. Properties like Name would be filled with the Id, for example. These properties have been fixed and should now contain all of the correct information; so the Name property will actually contain the Name of the view. If a plugin was using these properties for a use it was not originally intended for, the changes in PSDK v1.4.3 will cause them to stop working. A complete list of changes in PSDK v1.4.3 can be found in the pull request on GitHub prior to release and in the API Reference after release. For more information about this change in particular, please read this GitHub issue thread, and if you have any questions feel free to add to the issue.


 On February 7th, 2023, we will be moving forward with these changes and releasing HS4 v4.2.17.0 and PSDK v1.4.3. Please be sure to test your plugins with HS4 beta release before then, and update them if necessary to ensure everything continues to work as expected. Let’s all continue to create awesome smart homes together.

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  1. Just to confirm, I tested my plugins around mid-December – hopefully no firther changes were made to the PluginSDK later?

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